Bombax (, a new Mac OS X web application
development platform, has been released today in beta form.

It’s been developed specifically for the Mac OS X operating system
and is the only web platform to take full advantage of Cocoa, Apple’s
highly regarded, Objective-C based programming framework for Mac OS
X, according to Dominic Blais, creator of Bombax. It significantly
improves web development productivity and is efficient —
outperforming other platforms such as Java EE, ASP.NET and LAMP in a
series of benchmark tests, he adds.

“If you have developed an iPhone or OS X application, then you
already have the skills and experience necessary to create Bombax web
applications,” Blais says.

Bombax also delivers advantages for administrators with a
sophisticated, easy to use server administration application that
makes it straightforward to install and configure web applications
developed using Bombax, he adds.