– 25 years in print, Second oldest Mac publication
– 15 years online: new web site soon to be unveiled
– Now tagged “The journal of Apple technology”

December 22, 2009 — WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — MacTech Magazine today
kicked off it’s 25th Anniversary celebration. The magazine is seeking out
great stories and memories from those who have them to share. Now through
the end of the year, MacTech is offering up free subscriptions to new
subscribers (they pay only the postage).

The first issue of MacTech was released in November/December of 1984 and
titled “MacTech”. For the balance of the first 7 years, the magazine was
titled “MacTutor” before it returned to its original title of “MacTech”.
With its 25th Anniversary now here, the magazine has evolved to be “The
journal of Apple technology.”

Originally a programmer-only magazine, the magazine transitioned to an “all
Mac tech” magazine in 2004, and never looked back. With more than 865
experts having written for MacTech, and 285 issues of the magazine
showcasing several thousand articles, MacTech has long been the place that
techs “cut their teeth” on the technical side of the Mac.

“With growth across the board, 2009 was the best year that we’ve had since
the dot com days. And, 2010 is already looking to be even better,” said
Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of MacTech Magazine. “I’m excited
about what our new web site will bring, not to mention a few other things
that we have up our sleeve to kick off the year.”

MacTech is looking to showcase some of the most interesting and relevant
stories from those that have been around the community the longest. Readers
are encouraged to submit a short description of their story at

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the magazine, MacTech is offering an
array of deals. For existing subscribers, special discounts to extend their
subscriptions are available at . For those that don’t
currently receive the magazine, free subscriptions are available (just pay
the postage) at

About MacTech Magazine
Established in 1984, MacTech Magazine is the only monthly magazine focused
on Macintosh at the technical level. Each month, MacTech and is
read by 150,000 technical Macintosh users in over 175 countries; from
network administrators to programmers, from solution providers to
Enterprise, and in general anyone that’s interested in the Macintosh beyond
the user level.

If you’re interested in getting under the hood of your Mac, if you want to
know how to make things happen inside the box, you should be reading
MacTech Magazine. Contact the magazine. Toll free: 877-MACTECH,
International: 805-494-9797,,