Syncro Soft ( has released version 11.1 of
its XML Editor and XML Author containing a set of tools supporting
all the XML related technologies.

Oxygen combines content author features like the CSS driven Visual
XML editor with a XML development environment. It has ready-to-use
support for the main document frameworks DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML
and also includes support for all XML Schema languages, XSLT/XQuery
Debuggers, WSDL analyzer, XML Databases, XML Diff and Merge,
Subversion client and more.

Version 11.1 of XML Editor improves the XML authoring
capabilities, the support for XML development and also a number of
core features. The visual XML authoring now uses schema information
to provide intelligent editing actions.

The new compact representation of tags and the quick up/down
navigation features improve the ergonomics and the usability,
according to the folks at Syncro Soft. can use any XQJ
compliant XQuery processor for XQuery transformations, different
error levels and external references can be specified for Schematron
messages. The XProc support has also been improved with better
editing and execution. The XML format and indent operation can use
DTD/schema information to provide better formatting and the find and
replace is now XML-aware and can accept XPath filtering to delimit
the search scope.

Starting with version 11.1 the diff and merge support from oXygen is
available also as a separate application, oXygen XML Diff.

Oxygen XML Editor and XSLT Debugger is available in three editions:
Multi-platform Academic/Personal license: USS$64 (includes the one
year support and maintenance pack); Multi-platform Professional
license: $349; and Multi-platform Enterprise license costs , $449.

Oxygen XML Author is available immediately in two editions:
Multi-platform Professional license, $199, and Multi-platform
Enterprise license, $269.