Agama (, a new new consumer electronics
company, has announced the launch of a line of new mice with high
tracking precision for gamers and professionals alike. Each is small,
portable and can be stored for traveling.

The models include the M-300 Retractable Mini Notebook Mouse, M-500G
Gaming Mouse, M-900LS Laser Notebook Mouse and the M-905BT Bluetooth
Notebook Mouse. The US$10.99 M-300 retractable mini notebook mouse
has a 1200 dpi optical sensor, has a retractable cable and is
available in black or silver.

The $14.99 M-500G Gaming Mouse has a 1600 dpi gaming engine and can
be switched to 800 dpi, depending on the game. It touts 20G maximum
cursor acceleration and 68 inches per second maximum speed. The mouse
also has a blue fluorescent light that shines in dark environments.

The $24.99 M-900LS Laser Notebook Mouse has 2.4GHz digital cordless
technology that works up to 10 meters away. The 1600 dpi laser sensor
and advanced laser engine for high tracking precision gives more
cursor control using less surface, according to the folks at Agama.
The M-900LS is light-weight and uses a mini dongle that stores inside
the mouse for traveling.

The $29.99 M-905BT Bluetooth Notebook Mouse connects instantly to any
notebook that’s Bluetooth enabled so there’s no need to tie up an USB
port. The Bluetooth EDR 2.0 works from up to 10 meters away and has
1600 dpi resolution. Its ‘8-Way Scroll’ technology allows scrolling
through web pages or documents in eight directions without using the
scroll wheel.