FileMaker Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has announced new
dates and a new headquarters hotel with a lower room rate for its
2010 Developer Conference.

The 15th annual FileMaker Developer Conference will be Aug. 15-18,
2010, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, which
offers a limited number of rooms for DevCon attendees at US$149 per
night. DevCon attendees are strongly urged to make reservations at
the Sheraton (1-877-734-2726) before low-priced rooms sell out.

A $200 savings on conference registration is available for a limited
time. You can register for DevCon at
before May 21, 2010, to take advantage of these savings.
The FileMaker Developer Conference is the world’s largest gathering
of corporate and independent FileMaker developers, consultants and
trainers. It provides developers with creative solutions, technical
ideas, and a wide array of events.

The conference offers in-depth workshops and seminars led by
FileMaker experts, networking with other developers and the
opportunity to meet with exhibitors. The conference will also feature
the popular under-the-hood sessions, as well as the chance to sync up
with FileMaker engineers, product managers and technical support team