MetaCommunications ( has released Approval
Manager 2010 with integrated support for Dalim DiALOGUE proofing.

“For those customers that require high-end color-accurate proofing
capabilities, there is no doubt that the combination of Approval
Manager and Dalim DiALOGUE provides the leading solution for the
efficient review of print-ready proofs,” says Robert Long, executive
vice president of MetaCommunications.

The new DiALOGUE support is built in to Approval Manager 2010, which
is available for immediate purchase and download. Additional proofers
supported by Approval Manager include Spark!, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe
Reader, and other third-party “native” viewers.

With Approval Manager 2010, any workflow you can schedule can
accommodate DiALOGUE as an integrated document proofer for all
reviewers and stakeholders. In such workflows, DiALOGUE provides
color-accurate SWOP certified soft-proofing, extreme zoom
capabilities of up to 5,000,000%, JDF compliance, data streaming, and
more. Approval Manager then manages and structures the entire review
process via its workflow and scheduling capabilities.

Workgroups 2010 is an integrated collaborative process and
productivity management suite for marketing, advertising, creative
design, packaging and prepress. It’s comprised of four key modules:
Virtual Ticket, Approval Manager, Digital Storage Manager, and Job
Manager. Workgroups 2010 is available for installation in-house or
hosted online through