Big Nerd Ranch Europe will hold The Beginning
iPhone Bootcamp in Germany on Jan. 23-29. The
class with instructor team of Matthias Fricke and
Alexander von Below will be taught in English at
the historic monastery “Kloster Eberbach” near
Frankfurt, Germany.

Class students can apply for the early bird fee
and save Euro 200 when signing up before Dec. 18.
The class covers everything a student needs to
know to begin developing applications for the
iPhone and iPod touch, according to the folks at
Big Nerd Ranch.

The first two days, taught by Matthias Fricke,
are devoted entirely to teaching students
Objective-C 2. This portion of the class is
designed to be accessible to programmers without
any experience in C or object-oriented

The rest of the week builds on the foundation
supplied by the Objective-C instruction and
delves deep into iPhone development. The Cocoa
touch portion of the class, taught by Alexander
von Below, promises to teach students how to
write complex applications for the iPhone and

Students attending the class are advised to bring
an iPhone or iPod touch and the according USB
connection cord to make best use of the

Read more about Beginning iPhone Bootcamp,
including the complete syllabus, at

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive
training classes for Unix and Mac OS X
programmers in a retreat setting outside
Frankfurt, Germany. The class price of ¤3400 plus
19% VAT includes lodging, all meals, original
instruction materials, 24-hour lab access, and
transportation to and from the Frankfurt airport.
Students are encouraged to bring independent
projects to class, allowing for input from
classmates and individual instructor attention.