Christmas is almost here, and Santa’s Workshop — holiday-themed
puzzle and logic game — ha been released by Getperplexed
( for the Mac and PC. It contains 96
puzzles of increasing difficulty.

Here’s how the game is described: “Suitable for adults and children,
the logic required to solve these puzzles will get your mind working
like nothing before. You play one of Santa’s elves who’s job it is to
wrap the many gifts and place them in the correct location in the
workshop. The problem is that the gifts are so heavy you can only
push them, you cannot pull them or climb over them. 96 puzzling rooms
await you, can you solve them all? With festive music and colorful
visuals this is sure to entertain even after the decorations have
been taken down.”

Santa’s Workshop costs US$9.95. A demo is available for download.