Paramount Digital Entertainment and TransGaming announced today that
Mac users will soon be able to download the Star Trek: D-A-C video
game via TransGaming, Inc.’s digital distribution
platform in North America. Star Trek: D-A-C is a fast-paced, top-down
space shooter where up to twelve players can compete in intergalactic
battles between Starfleet and the Romulan Empire. Star Trek: D-A-C
for Mac will be available for download in December

Star Trek: D-A-C supports online multiplayer, online co-op and single
player gameplay. There are four different game types – Survival, Team
Deathmatch, Conquest and Assault. In the single-player Survival Mode,
Starfleet captains have only three lives to blast through waves of
enemy ships. When destroyed, enemy ships and drones drop special
ability and score pick-ups, and players are challenged to grab as
many as they can before their lives run out. Top scores will move
players to the top of the leader boards and Starfleet ranks. In Team
Deathmatch, teams go head-to-head, clashing in a winner-takes-all
fight to the finish. In Conquest, teams must simultaneously protect
and conquer control points in space. In Assault, teams take turns
trying to dominate or defend a sector of space.

“The ‘Star Trek’ film and the Star Trek: D-A-C video game were
designed to appeal to both long-term fans of the franchise and new
enthusiasts alike,” said Matt Candler, vice president of Interactive
Development of Paramount Digital Entertainment. “Given that Star
Trek: D-A-C is a fun pick-up-and-play game on any platform, it’s a
natural next step for Paramount Digital Entertainment to extend the
game to Mac-based fans through this partnership with TransGaming.”

In Star Trek: D-A-C, players choose from five ship types for both the
Romulans and the Federation – Missile Cruiser, Support Frigate,
Bomber, Fighter and Flagship – with each ship offering unique
capabilities for players to master and manipulate from the Captain’s
chair. The Missile Cruiser is a heavy artillery ship that features a
longer range than any other ship in the game, but is vulnerable to
close range attacks due to a low rate of fire and slower flight speed.

The Support Frigate allows players to heal friendly ships and easily
target escape pods. The nimble Bomber speeds in and out of battles,
dropping bombs in its wake. The Fighter attacks ships head-on,
blasting missiles and dodging attacks. The durable Flagship allows
players to target enemies with a reticule and inflict damage with an
auto-firing phaser that attacks nearby enemies. The Starfleet
Flagship is the U.S.S. Enterprise featured in the “Star Trek” film.

“The opportunity to add Paramount Digital Entertainment’s Star Trek:
D-A-C video game to our portfolio for the Mac underscores
TransGaming’s technology expertise and our value proposition for
content creators,” commented Vikas Gupta, CEO & president of
TransGaming Inc. “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with
Paramount to bring Star Trek: D-A-C to the growing Mac gaming

Star Trek: D-A-C will be available for download
from in December. It is
currently available for purchase on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Microsoft’s
Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, PlayStationNetwork and
Valve’s Steam digital distribution service for Windows PC. Star Trek:
D-A-C is rated “E” by the ESRB. For more information, including
screenshots, please visit or