onOne Software has released Photo Essentials 3 for Adobe
Photoshop Elements 8. It provides users of the Photoshop Elements
image editing and organizing software with a collection of five tools
that y correct color, remove unwanted backgrounds, add photographic
effects and enlarge photos.

This new version brings improved color correction, additional image
framing content and the new Make It Cool! module that give photos
a professional look. onOne’s Photo Essentials 3.0 sports a new Photo
Essentials Palette, which provides quick access to all five modules
from a single location right inside Photoshop Elements.

New in Essentials 3, the Make it Cool module is a library with dozens
of professional effects that can be added to images in one click. The
Make It Better module lets you automatically fix brightness,
contrast, color and sharpness with no need to understand cryptic

Cut It Out allows you to remove an unwanted background while
maintaining fine detail such as hair, clouds and glass. Frame It lets
you choose from hundreds of edge and border effects and combine them
if you wish. With Enlarge It, you can get poster sized prints out
of your photos, even from camera phones.

onOne Software’s Photo Essentials 3 supports Adobe Elements 6 or 8
for the Mac and is available now for US$69.99 for new customers and
$49.99 for owners of previous versions. For more information on
Photo Essentials, go to http://www.ononesoftware.com/essentials .