Marware ( is shipping the Eco-Runner for the
fifth gen iPod nano. The Eco-Runner for nano 5G is made from
Eco-Prene and is an environmentally friendly case for the
eco-conscious jogger or exercise enthusiast.

The design details look like muscle fibers when you wear it. The
armband extension strap allows this case to be worn on your wrist or
upper arm, and a bottom adjustable strap allows room for the Nike +
Sport Kit receiver.

The Eco-Runner is available in black, blue and pink Eco-Prene.
Eco-Prene is made from sponge-like limestone. This is combined with
recycled rPET to create an end result which looks and feels like
neoprene, only far less toxic and more sustainable because it doesn’t
contain high levels of petroleum or PVC, according to the folks at
Marware. This material meets all RoHS standards, and all adhesives
used in this product are non-toxic.

The Eco-Runner comes with a clear vinyl cover that protects the nano
screen and Click Wheel. It also comes with a cleaning cloth and
Marware’s lifetime warranty.