Orbicule, developers of innovative Mac software, today announced
Undercover 1.5, a major update to their theft-recovery software for
iPhone and iPod touch. The new version uses push notifications to
remotely launch Undercover on the stolen phone, making the
theft-recovery software even more effective.

“Theft is a significant threat to iPhone owners, given the device’s
value and mobility” said Peter Schols, president of Orbicule. “Thanks
to the push notification feature, our clients can now remotely
activate our location tracking software if their iPhone is lost or
stolen. Undercover is the first theft-recovery app for iPhone to do

When outside, Undercover uses the built-in GPS to locate a lost or
stolen device. Inside, the system tracks its location based on Wi-Fi
networks and cell towers. Users can then login to their account to
view the phone’s location. In case of theft, users can report the
iPhone stolen and remotely activate Undercover. Within seconds,
Undercover will transmit the phone’s location to the user’s account.

If an iPhone is lost, the user can set a message that will be
displayed on top of any application that is currently being used on
the phone.

Undercover 1.5 requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. It’s available at
the Apple App Store
and costs US$4.99.