Group Logic (, a provider of
enterprise-class connectivity solutions, has announced y the general
availability of MassTransit 6.1. This new release includes a new web
portal for occasional users, a completely redesigned user interface
for power users and a number of new enterprise infrastructure

MassTransit provides a file transfer solution for infrequent file
transfers, a powerful tool for high volume, high frequency transfers
and automated tools for system-to-system file transfers. It provides
your organization with a single tool for defining and enforcing file
transfer access rights and for monitoring all file transmissions,
according to T. Reid Lewis, CEO of Group Logic.

Users can log into their MassTransit-powered corporate file transfer
website and within three clicks begin sending files as large as many
gigabytes securely over HTTPS. There’s no browser plug-in or FTP
client to install and typing a few characters of the recipient’s name
brings up a pre-loaded contact directory. To send files to someone
not in the directory, users y type in that person’s email address and
MassTransit does the rest.

Power users have the option of downloading a browser plug-in that
provides additional features. The plug-in allows users to select and
send hundreds of files folder structures with file transfers of over
50GB. The plug-in also includes the MassTransit Advanced Protocol
(MTAP) which features automatic compression and encryption and it
even protects the special attributes of Macintosh files.

MassTransit 6.1 is now “Cloud Ready” so that customers have the
option of installing MassTransit locally on their own systems or onto
a virtual server at a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services. The
new version also includes many other infrastructure enhancements
including Linux web client support, automated Active Directory driven
account provisioning and management, full support for international
file and folder/directory names with advanced Unicode double-byte
character set (DBCS) capabilities, and new reports for optimizing
file transfer performance.

Contact Group Logic for pricing options.