Bowers & Wilkins ( has announced their
first ever headphone: the P5 Mobile, which is due for release in
January. It comes supplied with a Made For iPod approved cable, which
allows for speech and device control.

The use of specially developed ultra-linear neodymium magnets and
highly optimized Mylar diaphragms provide the best possible sound
quality while isolating as much noise as possible, according to the
folks at Bowers & Wilkins. This isolation is achieved through a
combination of the closed-back design featuring a rigid metal
faceplate, and the sealed-leather ear pads, they add.

The leather-clad headband has been designed for extreme comfort where
it interfaces with the side of the head, while the softest available
sheep’s leather from New Zealand has been used for the ear pads. The
P5 Mobile comes supplied with a standard audio cable with gold-plated
plugs. Switching between it and the iPhone/iPod cable is facilitated
by the magnetically attached ear pads, which simply pop off allowing
access to the cable.