PCI Geomatics, a developer of geo-imaging software and systems, has
announced the availability of an upgrade to its remote sensing and
image processing software. Geomatica 10.3 is the latest version of
the image-centric desktop software and now includes imaging tools for

Geomatica is PCI Geomatics’ set of software for remote sensing,
digital photogrammetry, raster spatial analysis, mosaicking and
automated production workflows. Version 10.3 includes support for
ESRI ArcGIS Server Image Extension, as well as multi-sensor support
through OrthoEngine for ArcGIS users. These users can now rely upon
PCI’s OrthoEngine technology to correct raw satellite imagery,
opening new doors for the integration of remotely sensed imagery into
GIS workflows.

Other enhancements to Geomatica 10.3 include improved manual
mosaicking, which has been completely redesigned, as well as the
addition of algorithms to create full AirPhoto orthorectification
workflows within the Visual Modeler environment. There are a variety
of pricing options, which you can find at