The new Dosch Design ( segment “Dosch
Samples & Tutorials” has been created in order to support users in
the optimal use of Dosch Design products, and for identifying
solutions for specific task requirements.

These English & German tutorials are immediately available for
illuminating complex work processes. — and are free The tutorials
are designed for CG-novices, but will also offer tips for advanced
and professional users.

The tutorial series starts with several interesting topics like use
of animated or non-animated Viz-Images in a scene, and specifically
looks at how to obtain realistic results through changes in lighting
and shadows. There’s also a demonstration on how “rigged humans” for
Cinema 4D are properly used, and how Humans V2 can be animated with
Cinema 4D, Maya, Softimage or 3D Studio Max.

What’s more Dosch Design provides basic information on working with
HDRI, like how highlight-reflection and realistic illuminations are
created, and how objects like spheres, cars and figures can be
integrated in a HDRI environment. Also included in this Tutorial are
settings of a simple scene background and a photo-studio.