Prentice Hall is releasing an iPhone programming book for
professional programmers. The “iPhone for Programmers” book
( uses
an app-driven approach where each new technology is discussed in the
context of 14 tested iPhone apps (7,700 lines of code), complete with
syntax shading, code walkthroughs and sample outputs.

According to the folks at Prentice Hall, the book gives you
everything you’ll need to start developing great iPhone apps quickly
and — once you’ve joined Apple’s fee-based iPhone Developer Program
— to get them up and running on the Apple Appe Store. By Chapter 3
you’ll, at least in theory, be building apps using Xcode, Cocoa and
Interface Builder. You’ll learn object-oriented programming in
Objective-C and build apps using the latest iPhone 3.x technologies
including the Game Kit, iPod library access and more.

Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel — the authors o– are the founders of
Deitel & Associates, a programming languages authoring,
corporate-training and Internet business development organization.

“iPhone for Programmers” costs US$35.99 for the book or $11.20 for an
ebook version. Or you can get both bundled together for $47.19.