Gig-fx ( has released the US$225 SubWah, a bass
version of the MegaWah. According to the folks at Gig-fx, it captures
the signature wide sweep range and funky low end of the Megawah, but
has tailored the frequency ranges to bass guitar.The SubWah was
developed with cooperation from pro bass players in Boston, Nashville
and LA, including Bootsy Collins.

The all-analog pedal features four settings: a classic wah sound, a
deep bass “Sub” wah, a funky envelope wah with adjustable trigger
sensitivity, and an auto-wah with adjustable rate. Special care was
taken to ensure preservation of bass frequencies, including five/six
string low B response and to maximize “quack” and “ping,” according
to Gig-fx.

The SubWah uses optical switching and is noiselessly by-passed when
the pedal is all the way back and switches on noiselessly when the
pedal is pressed forward. The SubWah features a user-adjustable