Design Science and Syncro Soft have announced that the newly released
Oxygen XML Editor and Oxygen XML Author 11 have been designed to
support MathML editing with Design Science’s three MathFlow equation
editors: Structure, Style and Simple.

This combines Oxygen’sXML editing and development platform with
MathFlow’s MathML editing technology. MathML is an XML standard for
representing mathematical notation and is a crucial component of
technical publishing workflows, content managed websites,
accessibility and education applications, says Bruce Virga, Design
Science’s vice president of Business Development.

MathFlow is used in publishing, elearning, assessment, aerospace,
defense, education, government, science and engineering, as well as
enterprise solutions and commercial products. The MathFlow product
line consists of a set of components for editing, display, and
accessibility of mathematical notation for websites, applications and
services. It includes MathFlow for Arbortext and XMetaL, and MathFlow
Components & SDK which replace the company’s WebEQ product.

Oxygen XML Editor has a number of users ranging from beginners to XML
experts providing support for all XML-based technologies including
XSLT and XQuery, all the XML schema languages, XML databases, XProc
pipelines and web services. Specially tuned for content authors the
Oxygen XML Author comes with a configurable and extensible visual
editing mode based on W3C CSS stylesheets with ready-to-use DITA,
DocBook, TEI and XHTML support, making Oxygen the ideal XML authoring

Licensing and pricing plans have been set for enterprise, education
and commercial OEM use. More information is available on Design
Science’s web site,, and the Oxygen web site,