Group Logic ( has announced today a
partnership with Symantec ( to market a joint
solution for file system archiving (FSA) for Mac-based organizations.

The solution is based on Symantec’s Enterprise Vault software and
Group Logic’s newly released ArchiveConnect software. Prior to
availability of this joint offering, customers with Mac populations
were blocked from deploying FSA software, despite its potential to
alleviate major storage management challenges, according to Simon
Jelley, senior director of Product Management in the Information
Management Group of Symantec. Now, with the combined solution,
Mac-based enterprises and departments can take full advantage of file
system archiving to reduce storage costs by up to 60 percent and
increase both IT and user productivity, he adds.

“Until now, customers utilizing the Macintosh have been challenged
when attempting to deploy file system archiving,” Jelley says. “In
particular, key features of Mac OS X desktops — icon previews,
CoverFlow and QuickLook — disrupt FSA solutions by inadvertently
issuing mass recalls of archived offline files. These mass recalls
not only lock up user desktops and cut productivity, but also
overload the archiving infrastructure and prevent it from serving
other users.”

Group Logic’s ArchiveConnect Mac client software resolves mass recall
issues by managing the interface between the Finder and network
volumes containing offline files. ArchiveConnect also offers features
such as a contextual menu for bringing files and folders
on-line. Contact Group Logic or Symantec for pricing options.