Until now, iPhone users have been stuck with a very bland incoming
email tone. With the launch of Electric Pocket’s new MailTones,
iPhone users will for the first time be able to change the email
alert tone and set a different tone for each and every friend, family
member or colleague in their Address Book. MailTones will help users
to distinguish high priority emails from their boss or spouse from
lower priority emails from college buddies or email lists.

With MailTones, iPhone users can set a tone for a specific user, or
one for all incoming emails from a specific domain – making it easy
to recognize incoming emails from work colleagues or customers.
MailTones can also filter and provide custom tones for messages which
include specific words in the Subject line.

MailTones comes with a collection of 25 tones ranging from discrete
bells to more audacious horns and buzzers. Many users will find it
convenient to set their default mail tone to silent, or ignore, and
use MailTones to set specific tones for higher priority people and

MailTones can optionally pop up on the screen and display the sender
and subject of an incoming email so users can know instantly whether
or not they need to launch the Mail app to read the message.

“MailTones offers a fun customization for iPhone email, as well as
reducing distractions in our already busy days” said Iain Barclay,
Electric Pocket’s Chief Product Officer. “By setting distinctive
alerts to messages that matter, MailTones clues you in as to whether
you need to interrupt your lunch conversation to deal with an
incoming email or if it can wait until later.”

MailTones offers simple set-up from Gmail, MobileMe and any server
which supports “forward a copy” forwarding of email. It is available
in the App Store, with a launch price of US$2.99. More information is
on the MailTones website at http://mailtones.com.