Toon Boom Animation ( has
announced the release of the new Harmony Solution
which combines technology with professional
consultancy services. The Harmony Solution is an
animation solution to create traditional,
paperless and cut-out animation, all integrated
in a simplified network-base pipeline. Features

° A core animation engine to handle multiple high
definition projects, OpenGL anti-aliasing and
more effects;

° Full 3D rotation of camera and elements with real-time playback;

° An expanded content creation toolset with
enhanced Brush Tool, WYSIWYG preview, edition of
several gradients or textures simultaneously;

° An enhanced animation toolset with symbols and a new animated read module;

° Improved networking and collaborative workflow
with detachable Stage client for off-site work
and integration for Toon Boom Manager for
production tracking;

° A simplified user interface with redesigned
icons, simplified contextual interface and
optimized with smaller views and toolbars.

As a turn-key solution, the Harmony Solution
includes consultancy services in the fields of
implementation, custom training, production
assistance and custom development, says Joan
Vogelesang, president and CEO at Toon Boom.
Consultancy services play a critical role to
maximize the benefits of the Toon Boom pipeline
from the beginning, and deliver projects of all
sizes within budget and schedule, she adds. This
new Harmony solution will be showcased at MIPCOM
2009, Booth C1.05.