Eltima Software has released Flash’in’App 2.5
(http://mac.eltima.com/cocoa-framework.html), a Cocoa framework which
lets developers load and fully manage Flash movies right within Mac
applications. The upgrade is revved for Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopad”).

This framework contains a set of classes, which provide application
with the ability to load, play and manage any SWF files right within
this application. The application can communicate with SWF file via
External API, FSCommands and Variables.

Implementing Flash’in’App in application extends its functionality in
several time. Flash is able to handle sounds, video and images. With
Flash’in’App application will be able to work with all these media
files too. Additionally, Flash’in’App allows creating custom-shaped
windows and running your Windows Flash-enabled applications’ GUI on

With Flash’in’App users can easily create amazing Flash interfaces
for any of Mac applications, add a tutorial or anything else. In fact
all the advantages of adding Flash files can be used in application.
Flash’in’App lets completely re-design an application using the
latest possibilities of Flash, make it stand out and match exquisite
design&user-interactivity requirements without the need to develop
custom controls.

End users will need at least Mac OS X 10.4 and higher and Flash
Player 8 or newer to run applications that are developed with
Flash’in’App. The only one demo limitation is a nag screen shown when
opening a SWF file. As for the other features, it is a fully
functional framework, which lets test all of its features and
abilities for free. Additional information about Flash’in’App, along
with detailed technical documentation, online help and changelog as
well as demo installation package can be found at the Eltima web site.