Elgato has released the EyeTV app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s
available at the Apple App Store for US$4.99. With the EyeTV app,
EyeTV users can watch live TV and recordings on an iPhone/iPod touch
and browse the detailed program guide.

They can also use the iPhone to start recording TV shows back home on
a Mac immediately, or to schedule them to record later. The EyeTV app
connects to any Mac running the latest version of Elgato’s TV
software, EyeTV 3.2, and can automatically find a Mac on the local
network using Bonjour. The EyeTV app can also find and access a
remote Mac via “My EyeTV,” a free locator utility introduced today as
part of EyeTV 3.2.

EyeTV 3.2 and the EyeTV app use Apple’s new HTTP streaming technology
that was introduced with iPhone OS 3.0. Unlike other proprietary
streaming solutions, EyeTV relies on Apple’s specifications for
adaptive streaming using H.264 video and AAC audio codecs. EyeTV also
uses the iPhone’s hardware acceleration for playback, and delivers
the best possible streaming quality with minimum battery use.
Thanks to Bonjour technology, the EyeTV app automatically finds any
Mac on a local Wi-Fi network that’s running EyeTV 3.2. Once
connected, the iPhone can play live TV, change channels, watch EyeTV
recordings, browse the Program Guide, and start or schedule

On the road, the EyeTV app offers the same functionality that is
available over a local network (a Wi-Fi connection is required for
live TV). Elgato lets you access a Mac with EyeTV via a remote
connection. A new utility in EyeTV 3.2 sets up any router that
supports UPnP or NAT-PMP protocols automatically. This locator
utility is part of a new free service called “My EyeTV,”, and is
similar to Apple’s “Back to my Mac.” Alternatively, users can
manually configure their routers and/or use a dynamic DNS service.
The EyeTV app requires a Mac (live TV streaming requires an Intel
Core 2 Duo processor or better), EyeTV 3.2 or higher and a compatible
TV tuner connected. Wi-Fi connection required for live TV.

EyeTV 3.2 is available as a free update for EyeTV 3 users. Elgato
EyeTV tuners are available at the Elgato Online Store
(http://www.elgato.com), at Apple retail stores and from local Mac