Intelligent Assistance has updated their Sequence
Clip Reporter to version 1.5, even though the
application has been available for less than two
months. Thanks to a “massive amount” of customer
feedback, “we were able to add the features they
asked for, moving Sequence Clip Reporter forward
to a new version,” says Intelligent Assistance’
CEO Philip Hodgetts.

Sequence Clip Reporter takes an XML export from
your finished, edited Final Cut Pro Sequence and
generates usage reports as an Excel spreadsheet
on selected video and/or audio tracks. As well as
all the features of version 1 — Clip name,
Sequence start and end times; source in and out
and durations, plus comment fields — version 1.5
adds these features:

° A completely revised interface;
° Video and audio tracks are identified with
different colored text (settable); ° Reports can
be limited to specified audio and video tracks;
° Estimated total duration for each reel is
reported; ° Additional sheets can be generated
for a reel-by-reel report; ° There is now an
optional Sequence Marker report; ° There is now
an optional Filters report.

Sequence Clip Reporter is now available now from
the Intelligent Assistance store
( for
US$99. The version 1.5 update is free to current
users and can be updated via the application