iMinds (, a new company based in Sydney,
Australia, has announced the release of a catalog of eight-minute
audio books that deliver “bursts of general knowledge.” The first 72
of these “MindTracks” are now available for download in the North
America from or iTunes and work with any MP3 player.

Initial titles include: “The Federal Reserve,” “Epidemics,”
“Parkour,” “History of Whaling,” “D-Day Invasion,” “Seven Wonders,”
“Film Noir,” “Stockholm Syndrome” and “Evolution.” The iMinds
catalog is expected to grow at an accelerated clip in the coming
months, with hundreds of MindTracks available by the end of 2010,
according to Olivia Woods, founder and managing editor of iMinds.

iMinds employs a mix of professional researchers, writers and topic
experts to produce high quality content designed specifically for the
spoken-audio entertainment format, she adds. All iMinds MindTracks
include high quality voice-over artists mixed with a sound-scape of
music and sound effects to keep listeners engaged, Woods says.

iMinds MindTracks cover 12 main categories of interest: Ideas &
Concepts, Politics, Law & Business, The Arts, History, People &
Places, Medicine & Inventions, Sports & Action, Crime, War &
Conflict, Pop Culture, Science & Nature, Culture & Religion, and
Mystery & Conspiracy. Each iMinds track will be priced at US$0.99
each, or available in collections of six tracks for $3.99, twelve
tracks for $5.99, thirty-six tracks for $14.99 or seventy-two tracks
for $24.99.