Recordare LLC has released version 5 of its Dolet plug-in for the
Finale music notation program. The plug-ins serve as “universal
translators” between music notation applications.

The Dolet 5 for Finale plug-in reads and writes MusicXML 2.0 and Open
Score Format 1.0 files for translations available between music
notation programs. Dolet 5 for Finale adds support for Finale 2010,
including Finale 2010’s new percussion and chord features.

What’s more, it moves beyond the MusicXML support provided with
Finale 2010 by including support for the Broadway Copyist font
family. Dolet 5 for Finale also improves import from Sibelius 6
files, adding support for importing new features such as feathered
beaming, jazz articulations, and German chord symbols, according to
Recordare CEO Michael Good.

More than 30 new and improved features have been added in version 5,
compared to the previous version 4.8. MusicXML 2.0 features such as
part name accidentals and per-part measure numbering are now
supported. Other improvements include better import of cutaway staves
and nested tuplets.

Dolet 5 for Finale supports Finale 2007 and later on Intel Macs, and
Finale 2004 and later on Power PC Macs. It’s available for US$199.95
directly from Recordare at; upgrades from Dolet 4 for
Finale are available for $129.95.