Kensington Computer Group ( has introduced
a new car mount with amplified sound for use with any iPhone
navigation application. The US$39.99 mount allows iPhone users to
easily navigate while driving, as well as double the volume of
turn-by-turn directions from navigation applications.

The Kensington Windshield/Vent Car Mount with Sound Amplified Cradle
for iPhone acoustically increases speaker volume without additional
battery drain to the iPhone, allowing drivers to navigate while
keeping their eyes on the road, according to Federic Frappeau,
Kensington global product manager. The sounds amplifying cradle
mounts in seconds to a vehicle windshield or vent and holds an iPhone
securely even on the roughest terrain, he adds. Compatible with any
navigation application for iPhone, the cradle will be carried in all
Apple stores beginning in early November 2009.

Kensington has also introduced eight new products to help users boost
the everyday performance of their mobile devices.

The US$69.99 Travel Battery Pack and Charger for the iPhone and iPod
touch lets you charge and power the devices. It also doubles as a
kickstand for hands-free landscape viewing of movies and videos when
you’re on the road.

The $9.99 USB Car Charger lets you charge any USB-powered device
without cluttering up your car. It has a low profile design that
integrates into your vehicle’s interior. The $19.99 Kensington USB
Car Charger for the iPhone and iPod touch is a version of the charger
made specifically for the Apple devices.

The $29.99 Kensington Car and Wall Charger for Mini and Micro USB
Device lets you charge your Blackberry devices and other mini or
micro USB devices whether you’re at home or on the road. It comes
complete with a USB Car Charger, a USB wall adapter, and a mini USB
charging cable with micro USB adapter.

The $14.99 Video Chat Light for Netbooks is designed to brighten up
your video chats. It plugs into any USB port and is adjustable.

The Kensington Mobile Hub for Netbooks (also $14.99) lets you sync a
laptop with other devices. It expands one USB port into four.

The $24.99 Kensington Wireless Mouse for Netbooks is a wireless mouse
with a “nano” USB receiver and built-in scroll wheel. The $14.99
Wired Mouse for Netbooks is a wired version.