WaveNest Innovations has released BabyBuilder, an iPhone and iPod
touch “baby-building” app that can be shared by email or with social
networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. It’s available
for US$1.99 at the Apple App Store (http://www.itunes.com/appstore/).

BabyBuilder allows any two people to get an animated glimpse into
what their future or fantasy infant baby might look like. Its core
technology purportly uses complex facial mapping and recognition
algorithms to generate the most realistic looking babies possible
from digital photos.

The application’s mapping and recognition technology focuses on key
facial features such as the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and chin, as well
as the relative distance between those features to calculate a
personal animated version of a baby for two people. Anyone can build
a baby with any pair of uploaded photos captured with an iPhone’s
built-in camera or previously saved to the device’s photo library.