Teamsoft, ( has released a new version of
iTeamAgenda PRO for the iPhone. TeamAgenda delivers an easy-to-use
and quick-to-implement, multilingual group calendar and scheduling
solution to a worldwide customer base.

A new version of iTeamAgenda PRO for iPhone is now available. The
upgrade is free for existing iTeamAgenda Pro users. It is available
from the Apple App Store.

This version of iTeamAgenda PRO allow you to see the address of a
contact on a map, to see the web site of a contact in a browser, dial
the phone number of a contact by selecting one of his phone number,
you can also select the home or personal email address of a contact
and to send them an email from iTeamAgenda PRO.

iTeamAgenda PRO comes pre-configured to log into our Internet
WebAgenda server. So you can see it connect immediately after
download. You can then change the IP addresses to your own TeamAgenda
web server, and have it log into your server.

If you prefer not installing your own server on your own premises,
you can also purchase your own user id on our Internet WebAgenda
server. For iPhone users the price of a user id on our Internet
WebAgenda, is free.

“We think iPhone users will like these enhancements we have made to
iTeamAgenda PRO.” says Gus Berdebes, VP Marketing at Teamsoft.

TeamAgenda is a very popular collaboration solution that is used
worldwide to schedule people and resources in organizations of all
sizes. TeamAgenda runs on Apple Mac, and Microsoft Windows PCs, as
well as Mac, and Windows servers. All TeamAgenda products allow
real-time access to all staff schedules, contact lists and to-do
lists and allow managers and authorized team members to view, change
and re-assign activities.