EditShare (http://www.editshare.com) has released two new EditShare
Ark models for creating media backups and archives; Ark Tape and Ark
Disk. They’re workflow engineered to automate file migration to and
from the EditShare shared storage solutions.

Because Ark solutions automatically communicate with EditShare
shared storage solutions, media spaces, project spaces and other
important data structures are exchanged between systems. In the event
of a system failure, EditShare Ark Disk can be configured to operate
as an EditShare shared storage system.

EditShare Ark allows EditShare users to safety backups during the
editing process, move media to lower-cost storage when a project must
be put on hold or while it awaits approval, and create long-term
archiving of entire projects or selected media spaces. The EditShare
Ark Disk systems have the option of being activated in an emergency
as a “lower-bandwidth EditShare server” to minimize downtime.