Centrify, a lprovider of Microsoft Active
Directory-based auditing, access control and
identity management solutions for non-Microsoft
platforms, today announced that Centrify
DirectControl for Mac OS X now supports the new
capabilities of Mac OS® X 10.6 Snow Leopard,
including 32-bit and 64-bit support.

All of Centrify’s extended desktop lockdown
security and configuration controls available for
previous Mac OS X systems are now available for
Snow Leopard. These include smart card login and
hundreds of Group Policies to help IT
administrators manage Macs using the same
familiar tools and processes currently used to
manage their Windows systems. Centrify has added
the necessary Group Policy to support File Vault
for Active Directory users so that users with
Network-based home directories will have the
option to create a Portable Home Directory within
a File Vault. By using DirectControl for Mac OS
X, organizations can ensure that Macs adhere to
the same best practices established for their
Windows systems.

Active Directory integration is critical for
enterprise adoption because Snow Leopard includes
built-in support for Microsoft Exchange which is
the email system of choice among the largest
organizations and requires Active Directory.
Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X streamlines
authentication to Microsoft Active Directory,
enabling organizations to support users with Mac
desktops without disruptive management cost or

The Group Policies in Centrify DirectControl
provide IT managers broad, flexible control over
security settings and configuration options that
Mac users have traditionally managed on their
own. For example, IT administrators can increase
security by: requiring a login to wake the
computer from screensaver or to change system
preferences; requiring authorization to mount a
blank CD, an internal or external hard disk, or
removable media (such as a USB device); and
controlling access to network sharing and
firewall settings. To enforce configuration
policies, DirectControl for Mac OS can for
example: constrain which applications (such as
file sharing software or media players such as
Apple iTunes) users can use or install; can
enable or disable automatic software updates; and
can configure the Dashboard, Dock, and Spotlight

“With Microsoft Exchange support across Mail,
iCal and Address Book in Snow Leopard, IT
departments can now integrate Macs more quickly;
and with DirectControl, they know that the
systems are secured by the same consistent set of
policies that are applied to Windows systems,”
said David McNeely, director of product
management at Centrify. “The Macintosh users keep
their core Mac experience, and IT can help ensure
that all of the Mac systems in their organization
will meet the standards required by regulations
and security benchmarks for Mac OS X. Centrify
is proud to deliver day 1 support for Snow

The Centrify DirectControl Agent enables a Mac OS
X, UNIX or Linux computer to join an Active
Directory domain and provides comprehensive
Active Directory services for that system,
including authenticating administrator and
end-user logins and enforcing Group Policy
updates. The DirectControl Management Tools
enable administrators to set user and group
access rights for the managed systems, set up
Centrify Zones, run reports, configure the
DirectControl Agents, and import accounts.
DirectControl for Mac OS 10.6 is installed on the
Mac desktop or server to enforce both computer
and user Group Policies.

DirectControl for Mac OS X with support for Mac
OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is available now.
DirectControl for Mac OS X also supports earlier
versions of Mac OS X from 10.4 forward. Pricing
for Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X is $60
per workstation and $350 per server. Please visit
http://www.centrify.com/mac for more details.