Tekkeon (http://www.tekkeon.com) has announced that its myPower ALL
family of external battery packs has been endorsed by Global Solar
Energy for its line of lightweight portable solar chargers, 12 to 62
watt modules.

The company’s myPower ALL battery pack connects easily to Global
Solar portable solar chargers to extend the operation time of
electronic devices throughout the day and into the evening while
still maintaining a level of charge to the device’s primary battery.

myPower ALL external batteries provide hours of extended play time on
laptop computers, portable DVD players, video recorders, cameras,
satellite terminals/phones, GPS, MP3 players, mobile phones, and
other portable consumer electronic products. When used with portable
solar chargers, Tekkeon’s myPower ALL rechargeable batteries store
the sun’s energy at the level produced by the solar module, enabling
the stored solar energy to be used at night or other times when using
a solar panel isn’t possible.

The battery packs — available in various models — can deliver the
exact steady stream of regulated power required by a laptop, says Jim
Kimbrough, North American sales manager for Global Solar Energy.
This is an important feature since each laptop requires a specific
input voltage and the power output from a solar panel is variable and
not controlled. And Tekkeon’s batteries include multiple adapters for
connection to a wide variety of laptop brands, with many other
adapters available.