Hudson Entertainment (, the North and South
American publishing arm of HUDSON SOFT, is bringing a diverse
selection of four titles to the iPhone this fall. The games include
Fall for Knights of the Phantom Castle, Military Madness: Neo
Nectaris, Aqua Forest 2 and World RPS.
“This fall, we’re re-introducing Military Madness, coming out with a
sequel to Aqua Forest, setting up a new IP in Knights of the Phantom
Castle and taking it back to the classics with World RPS,” saysYoko
Tsumagari, vice president of mobile games at Hudson Entertainment.
“These four titles really represent our high level of our commitment
to gaming on the iPhone platform.”

Following are Hudson’s descriptions of the games: Knights of the
Phantom Castle delivers an astounding mix of action RPG and strategy
to give the player an experience like none other. Using intuitive
touch-screen input, players will execute strategies quickly and
effectively by analyzing weaknesses and utilizing the battlefield by
manipulating enemy directions. With deep character customization and
in-depth strategy game-play, Knights of the Phantom Castle promises
to be one of the most engaging adventures available in the App Store!

Military Madness: Neo Nectaris brings the classic turn-based strategy
it’s known for where the gamer is: on the go. All the content from
the original is brought over to iPhone with updated visuals,
re-imagined cutscenes, and full touch screen gameplay. Bringing a
heritage and style that no other strategy game on the App Store can
match, Military Madness: Neo Nectaris packs the complete tactical
gaming experience on iPhone and iPod touch.

Aqua Forest 2 will deliver finely tuned physics based brain-teasers
for the iPhone gamer looking for the next level in puzzle gaming. A
series known for its innovation and outstanding physics puzzles based
on naturally occurring elements, Aqua Forest 2 focuses entirely on
water physics and its interactions across an array of different
environments. The aim is to tilt, twist, and touch water to navigate
droplets through each of the 50 environments. Adding a new dimension
to the already addictive gameplay is the full featured level editor
that allows anyone to try their hands at making their own Aqua Forest
2 environments. Gamers will be able to create, edit and share levels
with the Aqua Forest 2 community!

World RPS is the first iPhone app to bring Rock Paper Scissors
gameplay to the global level! The game delivers the classic RPS
experience, but unlike other similar titles in the App Store,
GPS-enabled matches and persistent stats will track skills and match
location to give gamers a new twist on the classic game.