Paragon Software Group
(, the leading software
developer for mobile devices and PC desktops, has
released Handy Converter — all-in-one conversion
application providing foreign exchange rates and
performing various units of measure calculations
directly on the iPhone’s screen. The program
supports over 30 world currencies and units of
area, length, power, size, speed, temperature,
volume, and weight. Handy Converter can be
purchased for US$5.99 via the Apple App Store.

How many times did you need to convert one unit
to another and did not remember the way to do it?
How many times did you need to make foreign
currency calculations when travelling? Whether on
a business trip or vacation, Handy Converter will
be always on hand to provide instant and accurate
answers to all extensive calculations. Features

° Instant value evaluation while typing;

° Conversions into more than 30 major world currencies;

° Foreign exchange rates automatically provided
by Bank of Canada and European Central Bank, or
rate may be manually assigned;

° Clothing size conversions from seven
international scales for men’s, women’s and
children’s apparel and shoes;

° Conversions of area, length, power, speed, temperature, volume, weight;

° Smart and user-friendly interface without complicated menus .

Handy Converter is compatible with iPhones and
iPod touches running iPhone OS 2.0-3.0. Supported
languages are: English, French, German, Italian,
Russian, and Spanish.