Seagate (, a provider of hard drives and
storage solutions, and MusicSkins, which makes music and
music-related, vinyl skin products, have announced a marketing
partnership to add personal flair to the FreeAgent Go and FreeAgent
Go for Mac external hard drives.

MusicSkins utilize a patented 3M adhesive technology that prevents
air bubbles and allows for both easy application and clean removal,
according to Vince Bartozzi, president, MusicSkins. These vinyl skins
offer a distinctive look, and personal style to Seagate external
drives, while also safeguarding the device with a durable
anti-scratch, anti-UV coating to protect the exterior of the hard
drive, he adds.

Tricking out your FreeAgent external portable drive is easy.
Consumers can either purchase a skin directly from when
purchasing a FreeAgent Go drive, or outfit a previously purchased
drive by visiting and selecting a
skin from the library of designs, or creating a uniquely designed
personal piece with the online customization tool.

The skins traditionally range in price from US$15 to $30, depending
on the selection and type of device, and arrive via mail in seven to
10 business days. However, for a limited time, if you buy a FreeAgent
Go or FreeAgent Go for Mac drive at any Seagate retailer, you can
take advantage of a special email offer to receive 20 percent off any
MusicSkin and 35 free songs from eMusic when they register their
FreeAgent Go on