Faronics (http://www.faronics.com) has updated Deep Freeze Mac —
which protects and preserves original computer configurations,
eliminating routine maintenance, while allowing complete unrestricted
access to the computer — to version 4.5, which is compatible with
Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

With Deep Freeze, IT professionals can perform rebuilds, re-image, or
troubleshoot computers. IT administrators are able to map user
accounts individually or by user type to an unprotected partition or
a Thawspace to retain user documents, pictures, movies, bookmarks and
other data between protected sessions. Deep Freeze Mac offers a range
of enterprise capabilities via its integration with Apple Remote

A free, fully functional 30-day evaluation version of Deep Freeze Mac
can be downloaded at the Faronics web site. Contact Faronics for
pricing options.