Parallels, which specializes in virtualization
and automation software, has unveiled a complete
solution designed to simplify the process of
“switching” from a PC to Mac. Parallels Desktop
Switch to Mac Edition empowers users to
effortlessly make the move to Mac without the
risk of losing familiar and important data and
applications on their Microsoft Windows-based PCs
according to CEO Serguei Beloussov.

The product combines a set of tools and
interactive tutorials with Parallels Desktop 4.0
for Mac to help “Switchers” understand how to
operate Mac OS X, transfer all PC data and
applications, and run their Windows applications
on their new Macs.

“The growth in switching is partially due to the
ease-of-use and cool capabilities of the Mac,”
Beloussov says. “However, users don’t want to
lose the data they have accumulated and the
applications they are already familiar with.
Building on our proven track record of Mac
innovation, we have addressed this concern and
made learning the new operating system even
simpler through interactive on-demand tutorials.
These are combined with intelligent moving tools
and our industry-leading Parallels Desktop for
Mac, which offers the greatest performance and
stability for running Windows seamlessly on Mac.”

Switching from PC to Mac is on the rise: analyst
reports on operating system market share show
that Mac OS X market growth comes at the expense
of Windows’ market share. While the overall PC
industry saw declines of three percent for the
quarter ending in June 2009, Apple sales were up
four percent year-over-year. According to Apple’s
Q309 report, half of the Macs sold were to
customers who had never owned a Mac before..

Beloussov says that Parallels Desktop Switch to
Mac Edition addresses the following challenges
facing prospective PC-to-Mac Switchers:

° Learning Mac OS X: The Switch to Mac learning
tools are designed to specifically address any
questions or concerns associated with the
transition from Windows to Mac. More than two
hours of interactive video tutorials help users
learn the new interface and functionality of the
Mac platform step-by-step, starting with the Mac
equivalent of tasks performed on Windows. A quick
reference card identifies the most common Windows
and Mac command/function differences and puts the
correct keystrokes at users’ fingertips.

° Making the move: Also important to new Mac
users is getting files and media from their old
computer to their Mac. Parallels recognizes that
many people need help with this process, and
developed a “plug and click” method that moves
the entire PC (licensed operating system,
applications, files and data) to the new Mac.
This includes the Parallels High Speed USB
Transfer Cable that connects the two machines and
the Enhanced Parallels Transporter: simple,
wizard-driven software that walks the user
through the move in a few easy clicks. The
seamless Mac user experience now starts on the PC

° Running Mac OS X and Windows side-by-side:
Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition includes
Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0, currently used by
more than two million people to run Windows
side-by-side with Mac applications.

Parallels Desktop 4.0 Switch to Mac Edition is
available at Apple stores, at and
through other preferred retail partners in
English, German and French. The suggested retail
price of the product is US$99.99.

Parallels offers a range of free support options
for customers of Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac
Edition, from knowledge bases and forums to phone
and email support. For more information, visit