NetExÒ, which specializes in WAN optimization
software, has announced that its software-only
HyperIPÒ for VMware optimization is the first
industry solution to support the migration and
acceleration of live VMotion images between
VMware virtual machines over existing IP WAN

HyperIP WAN optimization software has taken a
giant step forward in support of VMware’s vision
for VMotion over distance by providing software
that enhances the delivery of VMotion migration
and storage VMotion over existing IP WAN
infrastructures by enhancing throughput 600
percent, according to Robert MacIntyre, vice
president, Business Development and Marketing at
NetEx. NetEx has already solved the latency
problem with HyperIP for VMware with a design
optimized for long-distance data migration that
mitigates performance degradation due to distance
latency, he adds. The software-only HyperIP WAN
optimizer is downloadable today for a free 10-day

The NetEx HyperIP for VMware software solution
has been validated for a global customer base of
end users via a worldwide network of resellers
and service providers, including Cambridge
Computers, Code Zero and Evolving Solutions in
the U.S., and around the world with resellers
such as NCE Group on the UK, Triangle Computer
Services Ltd. in Ireland, Cristie Germany, and
Kapiti Technologies Ltd. in New Zealand, to name
a few.

HyperIP for VMware is a virtualized
software-based WAN optimizer operating in VMware
ESX Server — including the new Vsphere
cloud-optimized virtual infrastructure — to
boost the performance of storage replication and
migration applications from companies such as
EMC, NetApp, FalconStor, Symantec, IBM, Data
Domain and many more.

NetEx is currently making HyperIP for VMware WAN
optimization software available for a free 10-day
trial, allowing organizations the time to
properly test HyperIP with replication, backup,
cloud storage, and other IP-based data transfer
requirements and managed service offerings. A
free downoad and trial is available here: ; pricing for HyperIP for
VMware starts at US$2,000.