Axiotron has released a public beta version of Quickscript
(, the company’s new handwriting
recognition application. Quickscript offers handwriting recognition
in 26 languages to Mac users with systems running Mac OS X 10.5.x or
higher — including users of Axiotron’s Modbook and Mac users who
have pen tablet devices with the latest drivers installed.

By incorporating technology developed by Vision Objects, Quickscript
lets users write in Microsoft Word, Excel, Pages, TextEdit and other
applications that accept text input. Its features include a pop-up
text-entry pane, configurable interface, basic gesture support,
personal dictionary and handwriting recognition training.

For users of Axiotron’s Modbook, Quickscript provides a text-entry
option. With the text recognition engine, Quickscript transforms the
Modbook into a note-taking device.

Quickscript supports 26 languages, including Japanese, Korean,
Chinese and Arabic. The application comes pre-installed with an
English (U.S.) language package. Users can download and install any
of the other language packages.

Another aspect of Quickscript is Kopernikus, the application’s
digital assistant feature, whicih “understands” written commands and
helps users control their computer. Through its native support of
AppleScript, Mac OS X’s built-in automation technology, Kopernikus
allows users to create commands in all 26 supported languages.
Similar to the Mac OS X “Speech Recognition” feature, Kopernikus
(properly configured) will open applications and perform other
functions when commands are written in the Quickscript pane. Future
versions of Kopernikus will allow for more complex commands.