Economy-x Talk has released a new game, TwistAWord
(, for Mac OS X (10:3 and higher) and
Windows systems. In the game you choose one out of eight languages
and try to create a phrase from the words given to you.

Here’s how the game is described: “TwistAWord contains hundreds of
phrases in 8 languages, including Latin. It selects a phrase
randomly, jumbles it and displays it. You can now use the mouse or
pen device to drag the words into the correct order. If you make a
mistake, the game gives you a hint and lets you try again. This way,
you test your capabilities and learn new phrases at the same time.”

A demo is available for download. Unregistered copies quit every 10
minutes, but you can start the game again. A registration code can be
purchased for approximately US$21. Volume discounts and branding
options are available.