has released version 10.5.8 of Vvidget, a point
and click graphing solution. The upgrade enables
more deployment options, especially for Apple
developers. They include:

° Vvidget Builder Standalone: Vvidget Builder was
previously available with only shared frameworks
and standard Mac OS X Installer that required
administrative privilege to install. Vvidget
Builder is now available as a self-contained
application that simply needs to be uncompressed
from the Finder to be used.

° Free developer redistribution: Vvidget Code is
now available for free developer deployment
according to the redistribution license enclosed
in the Vvidget Code documentation. Vvidget-based
applications can now be self-contained, with the
Vvidget component embedded into the
re-distributable application bundle.

° Free developer use: The developer add-on to
Vvidget, Vvidget Code, was US$189 without
re-distribution options, but is now available for
download and use at no cost.

° Updated manuals: Vvidget Builder and Vvidget
Code and Server manuals have been updated. The
Vvidget Builder manual is included with the
Vvidget Builder standalone version as well as the
complete install version.

° Open forums: The Vvidget forums are now
self-subscribing and include Vvidget Builder,
Code and Service discussion categories for
end-user, developer and integrator discussions.

With Vvidget, documents can have built-in queries
to relational databases such as Oracle, SQL
Server and MySQL. This means the Vvidget can give
immediate visualization of data stored in
enterprise databases right through the Finder.
Scientists, engineers and analysts can now store
data files on the file system and browse them in
graph format using custom Cover Flow plug-ins for
a data visualization browser and explorer.

The Vvidget Builder GUI (graphical user
interface) tool is free. The software is used to
automate graphs for desktop applications,
Dashboard widgets and web sites. To automate
graphs for desktop applications and Dashboard
widgets, Vvidget Code can now be purchased online
for Commercial use ($189) or educational use