Sourcebits Technologies has released Funbooth 2
( for Mac OS X. It’s a consumer
Mac app done entirely in Cocoa using Xcode 3.1 for Mac OS X 10.5
(“Leopard”) and later.

Funbooth uses advanced face-tracking algorithms to perform real-time
tracking of faces using an external iSight camera or the built-in
iSights on Macs. Its features range from customization of videos and
photos using archived properties to creating new properties to
editing the existing ones.

Funbooth provides users with variety of inbuilt props for both photos
and videos. It also facilitates users to add a customize prop as per
there interest and creativity. With it you can share video and photos
through various channels such as flickr, YouTube, e-mail and FTP.

Funbooth sports advanced face detection and built-in controls. This
feature allows users to adapt their camera’s output in real-time.