Intelligent Assistance has released two new pieces of software for
smoothing the path to more extensive logging and to view and remap
hidden metadata so it’s visible in Final Cut Pro.

exceLogger ( merges Final Cut
Pro XML with log notes made in Excel; you can use all the formatting
and features of Excel while you log existing media. You can add log
notes to trimmed media, or create new subclips from within Excel. You
can merge the results in exceLogger and update the project with all
the new information. Clips are created, updated and linked to media
in Final Cut Pro.

miniME (Metadata Explorer) reads the QuickTime metadata that Final
Cut Pro has imported from non-tape sources, but isn’t visible in
Final Cut Pro itself. se the export XML and open it in miniME to view
the hidden metadata or export it to an Excel spreadsheet. Buy the
software and you can remap the data back to visible fields in Final
Cut Pro, merging data from multiple sources into the one field, if

miniME and exceLogger are both available now from the Intelligent
Assistance store ( for US$69.
Until Aug. 31, they’re available for US$49 each.

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