Media 100 ( — a provider of editing systems
for the corporate, broadcast, postproduction, and new media
industries — has announced that Media 100 Suite, next-generation
Media 100 software with MultiClip Editing and Boris RED, is now
available. Media 100 Suite adds new support for Matrox MXO2 for
portable, input/output, monitoring, and up/down/cross conversion.
Media 100 Suite also includes a new VoiceOver Tool for audio
recording direct to the Media 100 timeline.

Media 100 Suite’s new MultiClip Editing feature facilitates real-time
editing of multiple video and audio sources. A camera can be added to
an existing MultiClip as its source media becomes available. Cameras
can be synced via timecode, sync marks, or in-points. When syncing
via timecode, additional footage can even be assigned to an existing

Media 100 Suite’s new VoiceOver Tool allows direct-to-timeline audio
recording while playing back timeline audio and video. Primarily
designed for recording narration, the VoiceOver Tool leverages Media
100 Suite’s new MultiClip architecture to allow for multiple takes
nested inside a single audio clip in the timeline. VoiceOvers can be
recorded as stereo pairs or separate channels allowing different
narrators to record in a single take. Other possibilities include
simultaneously recording dialogue to separate channels or laying down
a live music track.

Media 100 Suite adds new support for Matrox MXO2, a portable I/O
device that delivers broadcast-quality input/output, monitoring, and
up/down/cross conversion. Compatible with MacBook Pros and Mac Pros,
MXO2 weighs under 3.5 pounds and lets editors work in any Media
100-supported format. For those looking for a traditional
rack-mounted installation, Media 100 Suite also supports the MXO2
Rack. The Matrox MAX option for accelerated encoding to H.264 direct
from Media 100 is also supported.

Other Media 100 Suite improvements include the ability to export
Media 100 timelines to Adobe After Effects CS4, support for Apple’s
new Final Cut Studio 3 release, improved Apple Color integration,
full support of QuickTime timecode tracks, export of timecode
“burn-in”, support for 24-bit audio import, and the ability to output
RP188 timecode with supported AJA video I/O cards.

Media 100 Suite supports AJA’s KONA 3X/3, KONA LH/LHe, KONA LHi, and
KONA LS/LSe video I/O cards, Matrox MXO2 and MXO2 Rack, and the Media
100 HDx. FireWire I/O and Panasonic P2 import are also supported. It
also supports PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

Media 100 Suite has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of
US$1,295. Customers can upgrade to Media 100 Suite from Media 100
Version 10 and higher, including Media 100 Producer, for $595.
Alternatively, Media 100 Platinum Software Updates is available for
$895 and provides one year of Media 100 Suite software upgrades.