Eye-Fi (http://www.eye.fi) has unveiled the Eye-Fi Geo card, a new,
US$59.99 wireless SD memory card exclusive to Apple that allows users
to automatically upload photos from a digital camera to a computer
and offers lifetime geotagging service.

Available today in all Apple stores and online, the Eye-Fi Geo card
is the latest addition to the Eye-Fi product family that’s built to
integrate with Mac products and applications, including iPhoto ’09
and ’08, the iPhone and MobileMe.

“Apple users want simplicity and an effortless user experience, so
it’s not surprising that a significant number of our users are on
Macs,” says Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi. “The Eye-Fi Geo is the perfect
companion for iPhoto’s new ‘Places’ application to pinpoint photos on
a digital map so memories are displayed in a richer, more meaningful

The Eye-Fi Geo wirelessly uploads photos straight to a folder on your
computer or Apple’s iPhoto gallery where they arrive automatically
geotagged with location information about where the image was
captured. iPhoto ’09’s “Places” lets users search and sort photos by
location using geotags from the Eye-Fi Geo card. Users can also
upgrade their Eye-Fi Geo card to share images online at MobileMe or
one of more than 20 other photo sharing and social networking sites
for an US$9.99 annual fee.

Earlier this year, Eye-Fi released the Eye-Fi application for the
iPhone, which wirelessly uploads photos from the iPhone to the web
and into iPhoto, or organized folders on a computer. With Eye-Fi,
users can aggregate all of their photos — from both an iPhone and a
digital camera — to manage and share photos in one place regardless
of which device the photos are taken on. Eye-Fi users with iPhones
can download the app for free.