Seven Lakes Software
( has
introduced Grosshandel, new merchandise
management (ERP) software for Mac
OS X. Grosshandel is designed for small trading
firms dealing with corporate customers who are
looking for an easy to use merchandise manager
with professional capabilities.

According to the folks at Seven Lakes Software, it offers:

° Efficient purchase and sale management; sale
and purchase documents share the same interface
for editing;

° Flexible warehouse management with an unlimited
number of warehouses for shipping, storing and

° Stock removal by FIFO (“first in – first out”)
or LIFO (“last in – first out”);

° A professional price and rebate system with
unlimited number of price lists in any currency,
graduated prices, BS unlimited number of
graduated rebates and customer/supplier rebate

° A warehouse planning system integrated into purchase orders;

° Integration of Mac OS X Address Book and Mail;

° Auto updating of currency exchange rates;

° A professional tax system that covers compound taxes.

Grosshandel costs EUR 379.00 excluding taxes
(approximately US$540) and is available in
English and German. A demo is available for
download; unregistered copies add a watermark on
top of all printed documents.

Grosshandel is currently available as public
beta. User feedback is sought. The final release
will be available this summer.