RSA (, the security devision of EMC, has released
the RSA SecuID Software Token for the iPhone. It enables an iPhone to
be used as an RSA SecurID authenticator, providing two-factor
authentication to enterprise applications and resources.

The RSA SecurID Software Token App is available on the Apple App
Store at no charge. The required RSA SecurID software token seed as
well as RSA Authentication Manager — the software that powers the
RSA SecurID system — are both available for purchase at the RSA web

The new RSA SecurID Software Token for iPhone is engineered to
generate a one-time password that changes every 60 seconds, enabling
secure access to enterprise applications and resources. The solution
complements the existing range of authentication methods offered by
RSA, giving customers a choice in the way they assure identities to a
system, resource or information based on risk, cost and convenience.

Through a simple download from the App Store, the software token
application can be installed on the user’s iPhone. With one tap the
user can enable the app with a unique software token seed provided by
their IT organization, creating a convenient, secure and
cost-effective authenticator.