Griffin Technology has released iFM Radio Browser
( for the Phone OS 3.0. It’s a free download at
the Apple App Store.

The application, Griffin’s first for the new OS, is designed to take
full advantage of the platform’s improved speed and performance. iFM
Radio Browser connects users with radio through a real-time media
browser interface.

iFM Radio Browser, in the spirit of a cross-platform web browser, can
work alongside any FM radio, whether in the car or in the home, and
brings an interactive radio experience to iPhone and iPod touch,
according to Paul Griffin, founder and CEO of Griffin Technology. The
application connects to real-time data, provided by Mediaguide, to
display a list of local FM radio stations within the US, as well as
the artists currently playing on them, going beyond both RDS and
satellite radio programming guides.

Tapping a station in the list allows users to view song title, album
art, artist biography, and upcoming concert events. iFM Radio Browser
even allows the user to instantly purchase favorite music from the
iTunes Music store or create a Wish List for future reference.

iFM Radio Browser also provides a touch screen interface for
Griffin’s Navigate
( ), an US$59.99
inline controller and FM radio for iPhone and iPod. A display sports
a large silver knob; simple movement of the knob tunes the station on
Navigate, allowing touch screen control of the hardware.

Software and hardware integration, a new feature in iPhone OS 3.0, is
fully supported in iFM Radio Browser. This feature unlocks a number
of new possibilities, not only for iFM Radio Browser, but for future
families of prospective Griffin apps and accessories as well, Griffin