EZ Dupe (http://www.ezdupe.com) has introduced new Disk Lok
duplication systems. They’re designed to prevent unauthorized copying
of DVD video material. The new systems embed copy-protection onto
target discs during the duplication process.

This proprietary technology provides layers of protection to
videographers, law enforcement, defense contractors, government and
others wishing to conserve the availability of the original material,
according to EZ Dupe Vice President Howard Kopelson. Also packed into
the Disk Lok is the ability to lock out the duplicated material from
being played on computers.

Kopelson says that these systems create a whole new business category
for replicators, and camera retailers can now protect a major revenue
stream for their videographer patrons. The Disk Lok incorporates the
new SATA technology. Also every Disk Lok unit performs as a standard
DVD and CD duplication system.

EZ Dupe will additionally support Disk Lok with a two-year limited
warranty and an on-board 250GB hard drive.